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Vault App Locker and Lockscreen Premium v1.1.1 APK Full

Vault is an all-in-one, advanced App Locker and Lockscreen app designed to protect your Android device from intruders! Now put passwords wherever you want to!!
Are you hesitant to share your smartphone? You don’t want anyone else looking at your personal information? Then use Vault, and put passwords on apps that you don’t want to share. Now no one can access your apps, messages, facebook and even your candy crush saga progress!! Now be smart and save your messages, facebook and other stuff by using Vault!!
Use Vault's classic Dial or Numpad to quickly generate pin codes for all your private apps, eg. Facebook, Gmail, WhatsApp, Viber, Messages, Skype etc. With Vault you can assign each app a distinct pin to enhance security across your device!
Vault's clever Watchdog mechanism discreetly snaps mug shots along with your device's location whenever anyone tries to access your locked apps. This Security report is immediately emailed on your configured address for you to catch the snooper red-handed!
Configure Vault's ingenious Automatons to tone down security when you're in safe locations and during safe timings. Set Wi-Fi and Time automatons to automatically disable Vault according to your liking.
Use Vault Lockscreen as a replacement for your device's stock lockscreen to benefit from Vault's advanced locking and security features. Now put passwords wherever you want to and don’t let anyone ruin your privacy.

** Vault Features **
► Dial pin input
► Numpad pin input
► Set a different pin for each app
► Lock apps such as Gallery, SMS, Contacts, Email, File Manager, Play Store, etc
► Lock all installed user apps
► Lock incoming phone calls, messages, notifications, games and much more
► Lock device Settings
► Use Vault as Lockscreen replacement
► Snap mugshot of intruders by instantly taking pictures of the intruder from the front camera
► Automatically search device location
► Automatic security email
► Unlock when connected to Wi-Fi
► Unlock during specific time of day
► More features coming soon...

What's New
- Fixed minor crash on Wi-Fi Automaton popup
- Improved Watchdog email reliability
- Fixed manifest permissions: Vault now supports over 3800 Android devices!
- Guide improved with better video playback, links to YouTube and step-by-step images
- Support for Nexus 7 (grouper) front-facing camera added
- Improved Vault Lockscreen mechanism for low & mid end devices
- Reduced apk size
- Minor bug fixes
- UX improvements

Read Here: How to Install APK

Requirements: Android 2.2+
File Size: 19.7 MB
Download Link:
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