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Camera Block –Privacy security v1.03 APK Full

Camera Block Pro • Simple one click blocking / disabling of your phone camera. App temporary turn off or register and block all camera resources and disable access to camera to other apps and whole android system.

-- “Does it make sense for an alarm clock app to want permission to record video or take picture? Probably not.” --

-- “Your android phone have installed 15 - 30 applications that have camera permission and can be anytime misused to watch you and spy on you. Each of 15 - 30 apps can take picture or recording video anytime they want. Most of the apps has internet permission and can transfer pictures and videos to the world. (Plus unknown number of security agencies watching your right now ;).” –

(25% Discount now (Valid for first 14 days after launch (Launched 19. 9. 2013))

• Try Camera Block Pro - privacy security and:
✔ Protect your privacy from spying through phone camera.
✔ Block and disable your phone camera by single click
✔ Multiple camera support/protection (Front, Back, …)
✔ Show list of apps with camera permission (See security threats (spyware, malware threats))
✔ Use home screen widget for quick access.
✔ Simple and clear design with 2 templates and multiple icon sets.
✔ Choose which apps want block/disable (Prepared feature (November 2013), for Android 4.3+).
✔ See all taken pictures (Prepared feature (December 2013)).
★ Try Free version (Camera Block - Spy protection):
- Free version protection is working 20 hours per day (Blocking is off between 18:00 – 22:00 hours)
- Free version contains banner ads

Camera Block Pro - Privacy security • Support widest range of android SDK and phone versions with lowest battery consumption (Less than 0.1% of battery consumption on android 4.0+ and 2% on previous android versions).

• One of many security / privacy threats (Camera spyware,malware):
„A new app (PlaiceRaider) can 'virtually steal' from your home - by turning on your phone's camera and beaming images back to thieves.
The software can even build up a 3D model of your home.
Their app can run in the background of any smartphone using the Android 2.3 operating system.“

• Text from video:
1. Does it make sense for an alarm clock app to want permission to record video or take picture?
2. So why you have installed 15 – 30 apps with camera permission ?
3. Camera permission allows the app to use the camera (take picture, record video) at any time without your confirmation.
4. Install Camera Block - Privacy security app and turn off (disable) your camera when you are not using it.
5. One click before and one after taking photo can guarantee that nobody is spying on you.
6. Install Camera Block - Privacy security and protect yourself.

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Requirements: Android 2.2+
File Size: 469 KB
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