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Jotter Beautiful Notekeeping v1.1.5 APK Full

Make a note of anything, anytime, with Jotter.
Write down as much or as little as you want from reminders and timings to passwords and schedules, Jotter is a dynamic note keeping app that makes note keeping quicker, more functional and as beautiful as ever.
Jotter is a beautifully designed note keeper that follows Androids design guidelines but with some subtle changes. Jotter has designed to be clean, attractive and purposeful, with crisp fonts, gentle and flat colours that do not dominate the notes but give it a unique twist. Using a "card layout" for each note, Jotter makes your notes easy to find by allowing you add sub notes up to infinite level, meaning you can organise notes in categories to your personal preference. By using a quickly accessible navigation drawer, you can quickly see with a glance the next upcoming things to complete without having to search through notes to find them by swiping from the left of the screen. Also swipe from the right to reveal the option to search through your notes.

• Beautiful UI.
• 2 themes: white and dark.
• 6 colours: red, blue, green, orange, purple and monochrome.
• Ability to set times, dates and schedules for notes or none at all.
• Set reminders for notes you want to be alerted by.
• One navigation drawer for upcoming notes.
• Another navigation drawer for searching your notes.
• Ability to password protect notes.
• Card widget that shows next upcoming note, meaning you can quickly glance at your phone to see upcoming notes.

Jotter has been designed to have the best UI for a note keeping app on the play store. With 12 potential colour combinations you can make the app your own. Along with a quick and easy way to enter notes in a beautiful dialog, Jotter enhances the note keeping experience to a new level.
By password protecting notes you will have to enter a password when deleting, editing or viewing sub notes of the item, this means Jotter is highly versatile by allowing to enter not just notes but also information you want for your eyes only.

What's New
[1.2] - Added search functionality! Located in right hand navigation drawer.
Rewrote the navigation code to allow for new features.
More detail shown in upcoming notes.
Can now click on items in both search drawer and upcoming notes.
[1.1.5] - Fixed some navigation drawer bugs.
Changed time and date font.
Made the widget allow longer notes.
Added dark themed dialogs throughout.
Various other consistency improvements.

Read Here: How to Install APK

Requirements: Android 3.0+
File Size: 1.2 MB
Download Link:
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