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Super Dynamite Fishing Premium v1.2.1 APK


Grab the most dangerous weapons with the biggest blasting power and get ready for the craziest fishing trip of your life! Dry out the waters and let no fish escape!

* Play without ads and start with $60 000! *

- Crazy fishing action with dynamite
- Open world for gill hunting rich in variety
- Huge arsenal and gigantic ships to choose from
- Dozens of fish in the sea, lakes and rivers
- Daily quests and many rewards
- Crazy story with even crazier characters
- Lunatic achievements and wild high score chases

* Supports Immersion haptic technology *
Sail around with your boat across ponds, rivers and seas full of fish and relieve the gill breathers of their guts to make a buck! Pay your daily bills and save some money for the most luxurious ships and most dangerous weapons! Experience a whacked-out story about your dream girl and try not to catch only fish but also the hot Rosemary!

* Xperia PLAY optimized *

What's New
- Fixed a graphic issue on some new devices
- Added Immersion haptic technology
- Minor bugfixes
- Added $60,000 money at start
- Updated SDKs
- Increased chance for weather based missions
- Added possibility to buy Dynamite Dollars
- Added SponsorPay (needs read phone state permission)
- Fixed display issues on high resolution tablets
- Fixed birds not attacking correctly
- Updated graphics engine to improve stability
- Made some quests easier

Read Here: How to Install APK

Requirements: Android 2.2+
File Size: 20 MB
Download Link:
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