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2020: My Country v3.00.9157 APK

2020: My Country is the follow-up to the smash-hit, city-building strategy game My Country, which has more than 17 million players around the world. In this new game, you build and manage a futuristic metropolis from a chain of island cities in a deeper, more-engrossing sequel that expands on everything that made the original game great!
2020: My Country offers gorgeous graphics with highly detailed animations that make your city, and the hundreds of quests you conquer, come to life. In the sequel, players manage the lives of their happy, productive citizens as they make their way across the city in flying cars. While you can customize each of your buildings with thousands of features, you must also remain vigilant, since a variety of disasters, including earthquakes, floods, and even alien invasions! Download 2020: My Country and enter the future now!

Key Features:
- Deep city-building gameplay
- Spectacular graphics and highly detailed animations
- Hundreds of challenging and funny quests
- Multiple disaster events, epidemics, alien invasions, and natural disasters
- Futuristic vehicles and architecture
- More than 100,000 ways to customize each building
- This game is free to download, install, and play. Enjoy!

What's New
Version 3.0 is here!
- 2 all-new big expansion packs are here: Ships and Beach Season!
- Rebuild your Port and start exploring the seas on level 15. Help Captain and Bosun complete lots of interesting tasks, perform new jobs, build a Lighthouse and start your ship collection!
- Beach Season is all year round in 2020: MyCountry. Starting level 7, complete scores of beach-related tasks, save beach-goers in distress and organize beach parties at the Tiki Bar!

Read Here: How to Install APK

Requirements: Android 2.1+
File Size: 38 MB
Download Link:
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