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Happy Farm:Candy Day v1.7.1 APK Free

We have seen Mona Lisa's smile, but we haven't seen the ancient Europeans' lifestyle. Follow my steps, I will lead you to a life in this old European farm.

Quiet afternoon, birds are singing on the roof, horses are running in the field, groups of sheep are nestling aside shepherd dogs, being looked after and cared! Look, who is sleeping? Who is bathing in sunlight? All the beautiful life is in this ancient farm!
Come on, enjoy the European aristocrats' luxury lifestyle.

★2013 Top-selling superior game in Southeast Aisa.
★The fastest-growing puzzle game of facebook in Asia
★Many new media in mainland China report it as a cutting-edge game 2013.
★ First-choice puzzle game for female users, the best game to develop sensitive thinking of the sixth sense.

★google play's most representative farming simulation game, a new concept game with both mind developing and educational puzzle solving features.----Dr. S
★Currently, it is the most confusing game (probably of all the games) for Android Smart phones, unknown things are everywhere, fancy originalities always happen at somewhere beyond your imagination.------Handphone Games Evaluation Network.
★It's addictive...It is absolutely necessary to control the time spending on playing games.-----Popular Online Games Network
★It is awarded as "The champion game of the week" by the Pacific SkyMobile Forum.
★Golden producers' one of the best games of the Month.

★★Game Features★★
★ Every animal so likes to give you those puppy-dog eyes.
★Interesting manipulation will keep your hands busy.
★Mellifluous music will cheer you up.
★The beautiful view brings you close to nature.
★Assembled delicious food will make you run at the mouth.
★Trade order for trucks makes you and your buddy business partners.
★Diversified buddy interaction, experience the exquisite enjoyment of interaction.
★Magnificently decorated constructions will give you a different pastoral feeling.

√English, German, Russian, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, more than 20 lanuages are available for players.
√ 4.5 million downloads around the world in total.
√Totally free (Play directly without registration: login in one second with facebook account)

What's New
1. Added a new animal Swan, and its related products.
2. Added a new crop Grape Vine, Juice Machine and its related products.
3. Added a few brand-new Decoration items.
4. Added Special Mineral Order, from which you can get Special Voucher.
5. Unlocked Special Voucher which is used to exchange for Pet Kitty.
6. Added a new feature: Wall Assembly
7. Unlocked Train Order Ranking.
8. Optimized some interface elements and procedures.
9. Changed the graphics of some Constructions and Animals.

Read Here: How to Install APK

Requirements: Android 2.2+
File Size: 30 MB
Download Link:

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