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ProLock v1.7 Full

The easiest ways to lock the screen
Lock the screen by three ways:
* Shake Lock: You can lock the screen by just shaking your device.Select Shake lock and choose appropriate sensitivity, and after that ,just shake the device and the device will be locked. If you enable the vibration the phone will vibrate while shaking, and you don`t have to look at the screen.
* Widget : ProLock comes with a beautiful widget for locking the screen. Just click on it and screen will be locked.If your device has Android version 4.2 or later you can use this widget at our lock screen also.
* Overlay: Overlay is a button which is available to you at the screen, every time. You don`t have to worry about the position you can drag it anywhere on the screen. Overlay comes in the three sizes (small,normal,large). Choose according to your need. Overlay is totally transparent so, you don`t have to worry about the visibility. We can definitely say that you will be addicted to it. Once you start using this, you never wanna loose it.
The screen locking is easy with this.You`ll love it.
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*********************HOW TO UNINSTALL***********************
If you want to uninstall the application you have to Deactivate ProLock, and uninstall it normally.

Read Here: How to Install APK

Requirements: Android 2.2+
File Size: 350 KB
Download Link: Mediafire
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