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Magic Keyboard 2 v2.1.0 Full


Magic Keyboard 2 is a replacement keyboard for Android.
It's a new and improved version of our original keyboard app, Magic Keyboard Pro.
There are lots of new features and options, plus improved performance and better multi-touch.
Magic Keyboard can predict and correct your typing with incredible accuracy and speed, making typing much easier and faster.

As you type, Magic Keyboard analyses millions of word-chains to determine what you're about to say based on your previous input.
This means it can understand what you're typing and help you along!
A 30 day trial is also available.

Magic Keyboard 2 features:
- Machine learning: learns your favourite phrases and patterns of speech
- Theme designer: make your own keyboard themes
- Customisable background image and fonts
- Next word prediction: predicts your next move!
- Auto text: configure your own shortcuts for common or awkward words
- Context sensitive auto-correction
- Multi-touch
- Keyboard resizing options
- Integration with Android's built-in user dictionary
- Integration with Google's speech-to-text service
- Profanity filter
- Customisable Emoticons
- More than 500 Emoji (4.1+ devices)
- Keyboard sound and vibration effects

Languages supported:
- British English
- US English
- Spanish / Español
- Italian / Italiano
- French / Français
- German / Deutsch
- Russian / русский
- Hebrew / עברית
- Polish / Polski
- Czech / Ceský
- Swedish / Svenska
- Danish / Dansk
- Norwegian / Norsk bokmål

What's New
More emoji (for Teniesha)
Fix bug with removed background images (for Samantha)
Adjust heap usage on 48MB devices (for William)
- Enhanced theme designer with background image/transparency
- Emoji screen for Android 4.1+ devices
- Customisable emoticons
- New sound profiles
- Optional number / arrows row
- Resizable suggestions bar
- Common names in en_* dictionaries
- Performance improvements
- Multi-touch improvements to allow faster typing
- Optional accents/symbols

Read Here: How to Install APK

Requirements: Android 2.3+
File Size: 408 KB
Download Link:
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