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Holo Label Widget Pro v1.0.4 Full

Sorted, beautiful and creative - This is Holo Label Widget!

With this Widget-App you can give your apps, widgets, bookmarks, ... on the homescreen a label/headline. That will make your screen clear and you will find everything faster. The best is, this widget has the holo design (Jellybean design).

These are the functions:
- Color theme setup (Pro version only!)
- Extra thin text (Pro version only!)
- Activate underline/roof over (Pro version only!)
- Use divider (Pro version only!)
- Set individual text
- Choose category (Also individual available now!)

This app looks ideal in combination with Android Jellybean Wallpaper and/or Holo widgets.

What's New
Version 1.04:
- Fixed update bug (Update on adding widget)

Read Here: How to Install APK

Requirements: Android 2.0.1+
File Size: 280 KB
Download Link:
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