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NexMusic + v3. Full

The must have player for android!
returned to the playstore for half the price!
" NexMusic + is removed from the playstore at first instance because of copyright issues with Sony
and because of that i had to remove lyric support, for more questions please mail me"
NexMusic + packs the most minimal UI based on the google now theme
if you dont like it, no problem you can change every single thing!

NexMusic + features
- Lockscreen control
- Lockscreen widgets
- Sleep timer
- Equalizer
- Theme's
- Car mode
- Gestures
- Animations
- Page options
- Completely customizable interface
- Tablet mode
- Scrobbling
- Recent Added
- Fast bottom menu
and lots more!

Nexmusic pages:
- Recent played
- Recent added
- Playlists
- Songs
- Genres
- Albums
- Artists

What's New
- added bottom actionbar seekbar
- added bottom actionbar currenttime
- theme engine optimizing
- ui/bugfixes
- more themeing options
- bugfixes
- new widget settings
-option to delete current track
-option for light navigation drawer
-translations(want to help translate NexMusic? )

Read Here: How to Install APK

Requirements: Android 4.1+
File Size: 3.94 MB
Download Link:
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