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Squirrels v2.1.19 APK

A Giant Asteroid is about to destroy your planet, what do you do? Stuff all bags with nuts and buy a one-way ticket to Mars! At least that’s what Squirrels think.

You will be on a constant hunt for acorns – in the mountain high, in the ocean blue and in the volcano heart. But you will never be alone, dozens of other squirrels will be by your side as a Wise Old Shaman helps you to stay alive… more or less.

Game features:
* Multiplayer Online Arcade Game
* Rich and unique game world
* Arena – a place for non-stop squirrel warfare
* Magic, enemies, challenges, clans and more
* Support iPad and Android device

When the world is coming to end it’s time to go nuts!

V2.1.19 update:
— New window with round’s results, maps rating, ability to transit to another room, user list with states.
— There are TV and Chest in the Living Room.
— Dialog «Rate Us» has —Āhanged.
— Fixed issue with the reappearance of the ban button.
— Fixed issue with Energizer award.
— Fixed issue with closure of dialogue «Invite people.

Requirements: Android 2.2+
File Size: 38.6 MB
Download Link:
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