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EveryFace – Caricature for All v2.0 APK

 New concept of face character making application, “Every face” has launched!!!

When you try to take a photo for yourself, the angle and everything does not help…

So that the photo always does not come out…like what you want.

So! Until when will you stick with a normal and dull profile picture for yourself!

Nowadays, you need a unique and special character to show your charming point!

The popular cartoonist “Hozo”, who made characters for global star, PSY of “Gangnam Style”, Kakao “Frodo and Friends” Character and etc, will make your charming character in Hozo style right away.

Spend Just 3 minutes! Anyone can make own character in an easy and fast way via “Every face”.

Just roll the screen up, down, left and right. Isn’t it so easy? Right?

V2.0 update:
1. Added contents
2. Fixed bugs

Requirements: Android 2.3+
File Size: 38.9 MB
Download Link:
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