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Deal or No Deal v1.3 APK

Wanna be the next millionaire? Here’s the chance,Deal or Be Millionaire! Pick the right Briefcase, beat the banker! Be millionaire! The Game puts all the fun and excitement in the palm of your hand. Try your luck and pick the right suitcase with the million dollar prize.

Make a deal or decline a deal, it is all up to you! This game of chance and skill is simple enough for anyone to learn and play.

The intense choices and risky decisions keep you coming back for more. Test your luck at and unleash your inner millionaire! Scoreboard supported,see who will be the millionaire and who will not! Money you get is the score you get,compete with others around the world!

How To Play Deal Or No Deal

- Chose a suitcase you wish to keep as your own.
- Open a series of other cases to eliminate them from the board accordding to the rules.
- Determine if you would like to sell your case for the amount offered by the banker during the process,if not,you will proceed to next phase.
- Repeat previous 2 steps

Requirements: Android 1.5+
File Size: 4.1 MB
Download Link:
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