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[Hacked] Candy Crush Saga v1.16.0 APK


This hack is for Candy Crush Saga version 1.16.0 on android devices.

Hack Features:
- 9999 Lives
- 200 Moves
- First 5 levels 30 Moves
- 99 Bombdelay
- 120 Seconds Extra Time
- No Choco Factories
- 4 Colours
- No Tickets

Download the zip file provided at the bottom of the page.
Extract the file.
Transfer the APK file onto your device (preferably SD card in /sdcard/download/)
Use a file explorer to navigate to the location of the saved APK (Should be /sdcard/download/)
Click the APK and select install.
Launch the game.

NOTE! If you are having Facebook connections follow the instructions below:
1. Uninstall original Candy Crush.
2. Go into your Facebook account settings.
3. Go to your app settings
4. Remove Candy Crush
5. Install modded APK
6. Launch game and connect to Facebook

Requirements: Android 2.2+
File Size: 40.7 MB
Download Link:
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